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Does Pain Keep You
From Living Life to the Fullest?

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  • Do you have a physical ailment or injury that is healing slowly or not at all?
  • Are you finding it hard to keep your emotional balance, or to rebound from old emotional wounds or traumas?
  • Do you feel "bound up" by bad habits, life routines, or relationships that no longer serve you?
  • Do you feel held back from personal fulfillment by self-limiting beliefs or negative attitudes?
  • Are you restless, bored, or uninspired?
  • Would you like to find deeper levels of joy, creativity and wellness within yourself?

Do you Feel Stuck in any of these ways?
Come Harness Nature's Power to Heal!

How Is Pain Related To Energy Flow?

"Where there is pain, there is no flow;
where there is no flow, there is pain."

-- The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine


Your individual life force, or Qi ('chee'), nourishes, sustains, and heals all aspects of you: tissues, organs, bones and cells; memory, mind, and emotions. As the ancient Chinese sages noted, blockages to the flow of life force cause physical pain and dysfunction. Similarly, limitations to the free flow of your inner life energies lead to inner pain: sadness or depression, difficulty breaking old habits or repeating the same bad choices, a narrowing of your life's possibilities due to mental ruts and fixed attitudes, or a lack of the inspiration and enthusiasm needed to fully live life.

The Law of Flow

This law describes in a very basic way how the ancient art of acupuncture and modern forms of energy medicine provide such powerful methods to relieve pain, restore ease of movement and vitality, open your heart to greater love and joy, renew your freedom of choice, and help you regain your excitement about life's possibilities.

A healthy body is supported by a strong flow of high-quality life force. When the quality or amount of this flow is compromised, your health suffers. To the extent this flow is restored, your body has one of the key resources it needs to heal itself. Energy medicine is the careful art of orchestrating the appropriate type and amount of energetic input, and applying that to the right locations, thus stimulating the body's self-healing mechanisms.

The Keys to Natural Healing and Wellness also include harnessing the regenerative powers of food, pure water, conscious breathing, and exercise; cleansing of environmental and digestive toxins; and conscious awareness of the interplay of body, mind, and spirit.

How Can I Help You?

When I work with clients, I strive to:

  • Listen carefully to your needs and priorities; honor your insights, thoughts, and feelings; and help you put your healing goals into words. Together we then track your healing progress using mutually-defined benchmarks.
  • Use the most powerful, effective natural therapies, minimizing unwanted side effects, and boosting your body's ability to heal itself -- as opposed to simply suppressing symptoms.
  • Teach and empower you with self-care techniques and new life routines that support your ongoing health. I work with and honor your preferences regarding the balance of office treatments and self-care protocols.
  • Provide safe, confidential space for your physical and inner healing work, and support you to make necessary changes in your life with greater ease.
  • Help you consciously recognize and release inner mental or emotional blockages that may be limiting physical healing, and assist you to identify and harness the healing resources you have within yourself.

The Techniques That I Use

You can't heat up a cold tub of water by running warm water into it -- the new water must be hot! Similarly, the energy inherent in any therapy must be of a higher level, or vibratory rate, than the current 'state' in order to uplift and support a true healing process. To supplement and build up the physical life force and inner energies, I rely on powerful, reliable, natural techniques that use only the highest quality materials and methods:

  • Traditional Chinese & Japanese Acupuncture
  • Healing With Whole Foods and Dietary Shifts
  • Internal Cleansing and Detoxification
  • French Essential Oil Therapies
  • Hakomi Body-Mind Therapy
  • Healing Journal Work
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Shiatsu Massage
  • Health Coaching

Energy Medicine: Modern Enhancement Of Ancient Healing Arts

Acupuncture is one of the oldest known forms of energy medicine. The ancient Chinese sages identified the energy channels, or meridians, which our life force flows through in order to nourish and heal muscles, tissues and organs. They laboriously categorized the points on those channels which are most useful for affecting the flow of life force in various ways, in order to effectively treat a broad range of health conditions and concerns.

Similarly, ancient healers in India identified the main energy centers, or chakras, by which the life force enters our physical bodies.

These systems of basic energetic structures provide a powerful, integrated network through which we can dissolve blockages to energy flow, release limiting patterns, infuse beneficial life force energies in a concentrated form, and thus support the body's innate self-healing abilities.


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