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About Alan Coffman

"I have been working with therapeutic gemstone spheres both personally and professionally for over eight years, and the benefits are spectacular…There is no other intervention that is so simple and precise in how it works with the mind-body energy system."

-- Carol Tuttle, MRET, author of 'Remembering Wholeness'

Gemstone Energy Medicine

The use of specific therapeutic-quality gemstones can result in profound and lasting improvements in physical, emotional, and mental health: changes which clearly manifest in the everyday lives of clients. At home, I regularly use these tools as part of our family's first aid kit. I have successfully employed them in treating clients for conditions ranging from common colds and sinus infections to serious degenerative diseases.

My Own Clinical Observations

For several years I worked on clients using either acupuncture techniques or gemstones -- but not both -- and then compared the outcomes. I consistently found the gemstones to be more powerful, more flexible, and useful for treating a broader range of conditions than traditional Chinese or Japanese acupuncture - and I love working with acupuncture!

A Case History: Post-Surgical Pain

A nurse who worked at a local hospital came to see me one week after major surgery. One of her kidneys had been removed in order to prevent a cystic condition from progressing into cancer. Her abdominal pain was so intense that she walked in to the clinic bent over, holding her belly with both hands. The following week she came back for a follow-up session, and reported that her pain was reduced by 90% within 3 hours of her first treatment.

The Wonder of Therapeutic Quality Gemstones

Traditional healing practices used in many cultures over thousands of years have recognized the healing power of crystals and gemstones. Gemstone Energy Medicine (GEM), as developed by Michael Katz at Gemisphere®, is a form of energy medicine that brings the healing potential of the mineral kingdom to a new level.

What Makes Gemstone Energy Medicine (GEM) unique?

1.The establishment of standards for therapeutic quality gemstone material.
2.The use of gemstones cut into spheres, which greatly enhances the power and usefulness of the gemstone material.
3.A clear understanding of the properties, missions, and optimal methods for applying these gemstones.

The result is a powerful set of tools and treatment protocols for healing and uplifting your entire being: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

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