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"The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you
Don't go back to sleep
You must ask for what you really want
Don't go back to sleep
People are going back and forth across the doorsill
Where the two worlds touch
The door is round and open
Don't go back to sleep"

-- Rumi, from a translation by Coleman Barks in 'The Essential Rumi'

Tap Into Your Body-Mind Connection
With Hakomi

A growing number of scientists and healthcare practitioners, including public figures such as Judith Orloff MD, Andrew Weil MD, Christiane Northrup MD, Deepak Chopra MD, and Carolyn Myss PhD, teach about the intimate mirroring that occurs between states of body and mind. There are close ties between our physical illness or well-being and the thoughts and feelings we experience -- and have chosen to carry around inside us. This is the essence of the body-mind connection in healing.

Hakomi provides a way to deepen your own conscious body-mind connection. It creates a framework for a simple, easy dialogue with your body. Together we can mine your body awareness and intuitive knowingness, pulling together what you consciously know with what you have forgotten or taken for granted about yourself. We draw on your knowledge of the subject on which you are the recognized expert: yourself! What we learn often leads us toward appropriate healing techniques (acupuncture point combinations, for instance) for resolving your concerns.

The Art of Listening

Deep and careful listening is a cornerstone of healing. In Oriental Medicine, one listens with all of the senses: ears, eyes, nose, hands and heart. Heart listening is a way of tuning in with the intuition, as a way to pick up on the more subtle patterns and messages of body, mind and core self.

In the same way that I put a high priority on listening to you, I encourage and support you to honor and listen to your body, and teach you skills to deepen your ability to do so.

Creating a Healing Dialogue

This focus on listening, honoring and working with the messages presented by your body, opens up a kind of dialogue, or conversation, between you, your body, the condition we are addressing, and myself in the role of practitioner. The body often speaks in subtle ways; at times through physical sensations, and at other times in a kind of symbolic code woven into the fabric of feelings, images, and thoughts that arise as we gently explore a particular health concern. The wealth of clues which the body presents opens the door to ease in the healing process, and supports deeper, more profound work.

What is a Hakomi Session Like?

We start out by checking in on your current health concern and what is going on in your life this day. We watch for topics that have emotion, 'juice,' or energy attached to them in the current moment. As we follow those threads, the body leads us on.

Insights that naturally surface in our dialogue often point to the therapy tool and location for a specific treatment 'intervention' which furthers the progress of the treatment. In my practice, I often combine Hakomi with acupuncture, essential oils and/or Gemstone Energy Medicine. The treatments applied in turn often take the dialogue a step further, by gently opening up your awareness and providing you with more insights.

As old stagnant energies are freed up, more of the physical/emotional/karmic/thought patterns underlying your current concern are revealed. The process thus builds on itself within the session, and from session to session. Healing journal work between sessions can help keep the ball rolling, give continuity, and provide a natural starting point for the next visit.

The Long Term Benefits of Hakomi Work

Hakomi provides a way to move your healing process to the next level, and to gain more clues about where the root, or primary cause, of a physical distress or disease process lies. It helps you recognize how the many parts of you: body, mind and emotions, intuition and core self affect each other, and are linked together in an organic whole.

The understanding you gain builds your self-awareness, and can open the door to releasing self-limiting beliefs and attitudes that may be contributing to and prolonging your physical distress. The end goal is to help you step into greater freedom in both your physical and inner life, through a healing of you as a whole person.

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