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"Your food IS your medicine."

-- Kate Behrens, L.Ac., Nutritionist

The Healing Power of Food

While we all feel like we 'eat well,' I have found that there is almost always room to harness more of the tremendous healing power of food - if we are open and willing!

Food is a central part of life, and of who we are: it brings sustenance, enjoyment, and it can be a strong aspect of our healing way. Preparing food for loved ones and friends is a part of how we give to each other, and a big part of how we spend time with family, friends, and co-workers. Our food 'feeds' us both physically and emotionally, as it well should.

What we eat, and the way we eat, can be a significant part of our health and healing. We can powerfully improve our health if we are willing to step out of the shadow of habit, and reshape the ways we shop for food, fix our food, combine foods in the dishes we prepare, and even the time, place and manner in which we eat.

Balance And Pace Are The Keys In Upgrading Our Diet

Some of us are ready to make big changes in our diets, and by taking advantage of our inspiration and motivation, we can reap huge benefits in our physical energy and well-being. For most of us, however, changing our diet in an extreme way, or too rapidly, can simply lead to more distress and imbalance:

  • Dieting to lose weight often leads to a rebound effect - where we regain the lost weight after the diet ends.

  • If we make changes in our diet that aren't emotionally satisfying, we won't stick with the changes -- and it will be harder next time to even contemplate making a change.

  • If we shift to an extreme diet, such as eating only raw foods, it may address some nutritional deficiencies while it causes other dietary and health imbalances.

The key to harnessing the healing, regenerative power of diet is about changing at a pace that suits you, and staying in balance. It's about taking time to make friends with new foods, so that the changes you have chosen will stick, and remain part of your life for the long-term. It's about feeling content with eating in a new way that fits you as an individual and considers the needs of your family, and satisfies and nourishes you both physically and emotionally.

One-Step-at-a-Time Dietary Changes

There is no 'one-size-fits-all' perfect diet, but contrary to popular myth (and food industry propaganda), there are a number of strong general dietary principles that one can live and profit by. Harnessing the healing power of food involves tailoring a diet to your constitution, health needs, and personal tastes in alignment with those general principles.

My role is to share sound dietary principles, help you clarify your own goals, and to make the process of dietary change easier by sharing resources, tips and techniques along the way. The approach that I favor when it appears that major dietary changes would benefit you involves moving toward healthier eating in several phases over time. It includes learning new skills, collecting new recipes, and developing your base of knowledge about the science behind truly healthy eating patterns.

Where do we start? Well, what are your health and dietary goals? What have you tried before, and what worked and didn't work when making changes?

How does your spouse/partner/family feel about making changes in the family diet? In a family 'system,' it's awkward, and a lot of work, to have two or three meal plans going on at once. Things work better in general if everyone can accept those changes as a positive thing, and best of all, even embrace change as an adventure.

The Regenerative Diet

If you want to harness the maximum healing power of diet for your health, or if you are working through a serious health challenge, you might choose to adopt more changes in your diet and make those changes faster. If so, I will support you to design a dietary regimen that supports those goals, relying on the principles of Oriental diet therapy and solid scientific and clinical research on the healing power of food.

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