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Steps Toward Health and Healing With Food

If I work with you to create a healing diet, these are some of the key steps along the way:

1)What are your health and diet goals? We talk through health concerns and what you would like to do with food and diet, and work out attainable goals.
2)Where are you now? There are two main options: a diet diary you fill out at home, over a week or two, or a diet interview during an office visit, where we go over the key aspects of the way you shop, cook and eat now.
3)Identify the 'difference makers.' Based on what we learn from the diet review in step #2, I walk you through places where I can see modest changes that can result in a big difference in getting the most healing power out of your food.
4)Plan some food adventures. I have found that the best way to shift my own diet is to have fun at it. My approach is to help you expand the range of foods you like to eat, to include more things that are healthy and healing. Over time, the less healthy ones often tend to naturally fall away. Again, I like focus on areas in your diet where a change will do the most good.
5)Lay out a plan, setting a course for the changes that will most benefit you, and together break it down into steps and phases. This plan can include looking at food choices and preparation in the broadest sense: how and where you shop, what you buy, how you prepare food, and even food combinations and how you chew and eat your food. At times it is also a good idea to consider enzyme and/or mineral supplements to buoy up your digestive process. You always have the power to adjust the pace of changes that you want to make, to move faster or slower, so that you stay within your own comfort zone.

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