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"All truths are easy to understand once they're discovered.
The point is to discover them."

-- Galileo Galilei, Scientist

Healing Journal Work

We all have internal sources of insight and inspiration that can fuel our healing process. When the seeds for our current life situation were sown, a trail of clues was left behind: invisible traces, residues in our cells, and patterns of feelings and thoughts. These traces from the past often reveal powerful influences on our current health and functioning. Rediscovering those connections prepares the way for untangling the outer and inner threads of our illness.

The results of journaling often provide insights we can use directly in treatment sessions. A personal healing journal can engage you in a deeper, more lasting, and more satisfying level of healing work.

When you invest even a little time in writing and thoughtful reflection through a journaling process, it can help you to detect the issues in your tissues, tap into your psyche, plumb your dream worlds, and expand your awareness into the parts of yourself that know things about you -- and are willing to share. If you are interested in the benefits of journaling for health, I can help you get the most from your efforts.

You can use a personal healing journal to:

  • Track your life's ups and downs. You may begin to notice regular cycles or pick up on relationships between events that might otherwise escape you in a busy life. You can explore questions like: Did something serve as a trigger to cause a downturn - or spur an improvement in how you feel? What time of day do you feel best/worst? What foods are triggering reactions from your body?

  • Become more aware of what you think and how you feel, and thus explore the ties between your inner world and what's going on with your outer physical life and health.

  • Release the energy of an experience, to clear unwanted emotions or to stop your mind from chewing endlessly on thoughts.

  • Make room for deeper material to come to the surface, by writing down all that you know right now (related to your chosen focus). This clears the conscious mind and makes room for expression from your subconscious self.

  • Invite the insight that flows from your inner self, intuition, higher self, or spirit. When you write on a regular basis, recording dreams, drawing from your inner self, and building your relationship with your inner aspects, this process reinforces itself.

  • Celebrate your successes! Capture the moment when things go well…so you can remember how you got there, and get back there again.

A journal is a flexible and powerful tool. As you use it to track what you have discovered, you can take advantage of your experiences by making choices that suit you better the next time around.

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