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A Case Study in Transformational Healing:
Out With the Old to Make Room for the New

A professional archivist who had just retired from her position at a major university came to our clinic for relief from back pain. As the pain eased and her physical body healed (completing the first layer of healing), the extent of her inner discomfort came to the forefront. She experienced constant anxiety. Her life story revealed a pattern which connected her life history to her present state of being. The last few years of her career had been quite troubling. Many of the documents she worked so long and hard to preserve had been destroyed after being moved to a building that was not properly sealed against moisture.

This pattern of energy trapped in an unfulfilled life purpose was mirrored at home: her house was uncomfortably filled with boxes and boxes of papers and records she couldn't let go of. She wanted to move her focus to writing, but was having great difficulty choosing among many possible projects, and as a result wasn't writing at all. She felt stuck.

As we began to address this during treatments, she released the pattern one step at a time. First, she moved all her boxes into a large storage unit and set a date for them to be shredded. One layer of tension dissolved.

We talked about the implications of the pending shredding event as the date came closer…and as she released those papers inwardly, she began to relax further. When the shredding company called to do the work, she was able to give an easy go-ahead signal and let go of all those old papers.

Not long after she started work on her first novel! An added bonus to all this was her discovery that she had a powerful native intuition. Once the interference caused by pain and anxiety was cleared out of the way, a whole new faculty opened up to her, one that powerfully supported her new writing pursuits. Her entire personality was transformed: she was lighter, happier, more clear, and she had direction and purpose in her life again.

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