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"If you are experiencing health problems; if you have fallen ill and remain so; or if the same problems recur frequently, it means something is not right. Before blaming the outside world -- which generally will not change -- it is wiser to make an about-face look at the inside world, and analyze the elements in your own life that are susceptible to change, looking for incorrect behaviors and attitudes that need correcting. If we continue to think, speak, and act as we have always done, we shall continue to reap the same things we have always sown."

-- Daniel Penöel, MD

Transformational Healing

  • Would you like to address the deeper inner and outer causes of your illness as a means to greater health and vitality?
  • Are you interested in the gifts and lessons that are available to you as you walk your path toward healing?
  • Are you committed to learning all you can from your current illness and healing experience -- so you don't have to go through it all again?

What is the difference between 'curing' and 'healing?' Curing puts the focus on making the symptoms go away, and often employs tools that suppress symptoms, while healing seeks to address the underlying cause, and to restore balance and true health.

Transformational Healing is for those who are interested in healing as opposed to simple curing. It is a flexible yet powerful process for the individual who wants be actively involved in healing themselves. It creates a framework for a deeper healing work which you can do in partnership with your healthcare practitioner. It is not tied to any particular healing technique, but rather it helps you to more fully realize the potential offered by the physical therapies, self-care and internal processing that you do.

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