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How does Transformational Healing Work?

Oriental Medicine often uses the metaphor of the body as garden. It directs our attention to the relationship between the seeds we sow and the crops we reap, the importance of ongoing attention to taking care of our physical bodies and our inner lives (watering, weeding, fertilizing), and the parallels between the way we tend to our bodies and our resultant experience of health or illness.

Transformational Healing is built on increasing your self-awareness of body, feelings, thoughts, and perceptions and the links between them. In some cases your healing work may lead you to change lifestyle habits, diet, or daily routines. In other cases it may mean working through unfinished emotional business, or recognizing the power of your thoughts -- and then reshaping them in order to fully harness your own inner resources for the cause of your health and vitality. For other people, it involves working out the implications of life choices made in the past and long forgotten, as retrieved through dreams, contemplations, or flashes of insight.

Honoring the Messenger

The core belief behind this work is that most serious or chronic physical health conditions have an associated assemblage, or family, of inner and outer (mental/ emotional/ spiritual/ physical) aspects that are basically all different facets of the same issue. For example, a lingering lung condition (the physical condition) may have roots in unresolved grief (emotion), which may be linked to the need to mourn and accept a loss (mental/attitude) and move on (spiritual).

The signs and symbols, images and dreams that come from the various aspects of your self (body/mind/emotions/intuition) are messages to your core self, which I call Soul. Just as with Western Union, once the message is accepted and signed for, the messenger leaves. Once these forms of body wisdom are recognized, processed, accepted and integrated, the energetic underpinnings of your condition will dissolve. Energetic blockages to healing will be released, and your body will be able to carry the healing process forward.

A condition that has persisted or become chronic often requires physical support, in the form of appropriate therapies, diet, and/or supplements, along with inner resolution in order for you to heal to the fullest extent possible. For that reason, working in partnership with a qualified health professional often provides the best results from this kind of work.

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